From Friday 21th to Monday 24th of June 2019,

Come and join this special 4 days edition in an enchanting site. You’ll have the occasion to participate to many activities such as
armored combat, archery, thrown weapons, fencing and A&S classes on the amazing lands of the Duchy of Bicolline.
We will have the honor, again this year, to welcome our beautiful Royalty.

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The Site

The event will take place in the Bicolline’s Duchy. In a setting of more than 200 buildings, the site offers many attractions including two inns, merchant stalls and a natural amphitheater. A magical setting that will make us dream day and night. The Bicolline site is the largest LARP site on the continent.

And to motivate you to visit us, Here's the view of Bicolline's main inn !


Here's a short list of the scheduled activities for the past year
Stay tuned for the actual timing for this year !


Located in Bicolline’s central square, the merchant row provide multiple wooden stalls and booths for all your merchandise that you can rent at 50$CA for the weekend.
Those are built to keep a complete medieval atmosphere. You can also put your own setup with your tent inside this row, alongside with other merchants for free.
For those of you that are interested in selling their goods at Beltaines Merchant, feel free to to contact us to have more details.
Merchant Stall
Merchant Stall
Good to know

Prices for the event if you pre-register are :

Members : 35$CA or 30$US
Non-Members : 40$CA or 35$US
Under 16 years old : Free

Price for the event at the gates are :

Members : 45$CA or 40 $US
Non-Members : 50$CA or 45$US
Under 16 years old : Free

Price include access to the site, and participation to all the activities.

To preserve the site’s medieval atmosphere, you need to be dressed in a medieval fashion. If you don't have anything of the sort, you can write to Syrine At-Sakina Bint Hourya who will try to help you get you some clothes. She can also help you if you need anything for the feast gear (and if you don't know what it is, she'll help you to understand all the wonders you're about to discover !

If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form and we will try to answer you as soon as we can ! Or you can also go on the Facebook page or the Facebook event page and ask your questions there if you prefer, and we'll try to help you as well !



If you need to rent a room or bed, please contact our team at lodging.beltaines@hotmail.com

There are rooms at the Inn, beds in the Inn's dormitory and cabins to rent on the site.

If you have a tent, you have three choices :
- You have a period tent and you set put it anywhere in the New City.
- You have a non period tent that you can disguise or hide so you can set it anywhere in the city
- You have a non-periode tent and you can set it in the designated area near the Inn to preserve the medieval atmosphere.

Bicolline offers us the opportunity to rent some medieval pavilions with 3 simple beds and a chest, all of that already set up for you when you arrive. It's 275$CA for the weekend. To get that chance, you must make reservation and your payment before June 1st.

If you have a RV, please let us know so we can plan the space in the parking for you.


Bicolline has its own caterer to offer you good meals on site.  Here is how it works :

There is a meal plan at 45$CA that includes:
Saturday's breakfast
Saturday's diner
Sunday's breakfast
Sunday's banquet


The friday's diner, saturday and sunday's lunch and monday's breakfast will be available ''à la carte'' from 3$ to 7$CA.  The meals on the meal plan will also be available ''à la carte''.  You'll be able to pay with credit card and Canadian money

Here is the menu :


Saturday's breakfast (12$CA à la carte)
➤French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, roasted onions, rosemary potato.

Saturday's dinner (13$CA à la carte)
➤Beer and prunes's pork shoulder, root vegetables, bread.

Sunday's breakfast (12$CA à la carte)
➤Small pancake with syrup, fresh fruits, sausage, fried potatoes, eggs.

Sunday's dinner (15$CA à la carte)
➤Soup (beans, tomato broth and coriander)
➤Roasted peppers creamy spread
➤Herbs and garlic yogurt sauce
➤Smoked paprika roasted pita
➤Tabbouleh (bulgur, parsley, chickpeas, oil, lemon)
➤Simmered chicken with dried fruits and sweet spices
➤Custard ''choux à la crême'' with cocoa sauce

*(friday's diner, saturday and sunday's lunch and monday's breakfast)
À la carte :  (3$ to 7$CA each)
➤Corn on the cobs and chipotle lemon butter
➤Smoked sausage
➤Garlic and bacon brioche bread
➤Plate of cheese, onions and pickles
➤Pastries (monday morning)
➤Delicacies ... cake, biscuit
➤coffee, tea, juice


If you have any questions, feel free to use this contact form, we'll try to come back to you as soon as possible !